Containment Bags  

About Our Products

Today, with the increased awareness of the dangers of hepatitis, meningitis, AIDS, SARS, N1H1 and even chicken pox, why would you choose anything less than the best protection. All our containment products are tested to ensure your protection whether you're a disaster relief worker, medical professional or in the mortuary industry, you are protected from potential leakage of body fluids.

The design of our products has evolved over the years in consultation with experienced caregivers and disaster relief workers who have emphasized the need for strength, safe containment, flexibility and accessibility.

Our Body Bags are:

• Heat sealed to prevent leakage
• Heavy Nylon R65 zipper provides easy opening. Closed end, with 2 bottom stops prevents sliding beyond desired position. White zipper also has black slider for easier visibility
• Zipper is double stitched and reinforced with a polyethylene border to prevent ripping and offering extra strength and no leakage.
• Construction of the bag is made to specifically meet the needs of the intended use.
• Appropriate identification tags
• The outer bag is provided for use of personal items
• Opening of the bag extends from one end to the other end thereby allowing easy placement of the deceased.
• This polyethylene pouch is virtually impervious to odors
• PVC free, ideal for not only storage but cremation and burial.
• Non-chlorinated Polyethylene material (Latex Free)
• 004 – 006 gauge material

Product Disposal Features

This product is not a controlled product under the work place Hazardous Material Information System (WHIMIS). It can be buried in landfill or burned in an approved incinerator in accordance with applicable local, state, provincial and federal regulations.
The decomposition of this product depends on temperature at the site and other material present in the air supply.
The destruction of this product depends on temperature at normal processing. Complete combustion results in carbon dioxide and water.


Extinguishers containing water, CO2 or dry chemicals can be used on this product during a fire. If other materials are the cause of the fire, use a fire extinguisher applicable for them. Under fire conditions, dense smoke is emitted when burned without sufficient oxygen. As the polymer destructs during a burn, hazardous combustion by-products produced may include and are not emitted to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Other Important Information

• This product is manufactured in North America.
• There have not been any product recalls within the past 60 months.